The nest cam project

The osprey nest camera was installed next to the artificial osprey nest, located about 35 m up in a leading mark on the island of Seili in 2006 by the Turku University of Applied Sciences. At the beginning, the camera was installed and maintained as part of NatureIT-project and later, continued as part of and BalticSeaNow projects. Since 2015, the Archipelago Research Institute has participated in the maintenance and funding of the web camera and connections. The latest addition to the camera was a microphone, added to the camera assembly in 2016. The current camera (AXIS P1344-E) has been in operation since 2012. The live stream is transmitted 24/7/365 from the nest to Youtube and this website using nanobeam antennas. Due to the camera’s location, any potential problems can only be resolved remotely or during ringing in late June-July.

When posting photos/videos from the nest to various social media locations, we request that you include the following information at the end of your photo/video caption : Turku University of Applied Sciences/University of Turku. Thank you for your cooperation!

Under construction, stay tuned for more information!