About the website

The Saaristomeri.utu.fi website, Saaristomeri, which translates to the Archipelago Sea in Finnish, is under the administration of the Archipelago Research Institute at the University of Turku, Finland. Our website provides online data regarding weather conditions and seawater quality in the Archipelago Sea, along with a live stream from an osprey nest located on Seili Island. Our platform is designed to cater to anyone with an interest in nature and knowledge underpinned by rigorous research. These services are the result of collaboration with the Turku University of Applied Sciences and various other stakeholders. Please explore our pages for further information.

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to understanding and safeguarding the delicate ecosystems of the Archipelago Sea. Our extensive monitoring activities, made accessible through this platform, provide a valuable resource for researchers, stakeholders, and citizens alike. These datasets, ranging from water quality and meteorological data to real-time osprey nest footage, not only drive scientific discovery but also foster a deeper connection between people and their natural environment. Researchers may use these datasets to uncover trends, patterns, and critical insights into the state of the sea, ultimately aiding in informed decision-making for environmental management. Stakeholders may use these for policy formulation, while citizens gain a window into the diverse marine life and changing conditions of this unique ecosystem. By making these datasets readily available, we aim to empower a wider community to appreciate, protect, and contribute to the preservation of the Archipelago Sea, a shared natural treasure.

The Archipelago Research Institute is an integral component of the Biodiversity Unit at the University of Turku, Finland. Our research station is situated on Seili Island (60°14’N, 21°57’E), at the heart of the Archipelago Sea, approximately 30 km from Turku. Our presence on the island dates back to 1964.

Our institute actively engages in multidisciplinary research of the Baltic Sea, with a particular emphasis on the Archipelago Sea. Additionally, we conduct extensive, long-term environmental monitoring and provide a wide array of research and educational services, supporting researchers, educators, and students. Our research primarily centers on projects investigating the biological and geological aspects of the Archipelago Sea. Much of our research is carried out in collaboration with both internal and external research groups, both within and beyond the University of Turku. For more in-depth information, please visit our homepage.

The Archipelago Research Institute is part of the Finnish marine research infrastructure consortium FINMARI, coordinated by SYKE marine research centre.